Sonntag, 6. November 2011

An Intertransitexchange Performance

Collaboration of Korean Artist Francesca Cho

and German Artist Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

Elasticized Probation, Part II

location: Unit 66 Regent Studios, October 2011 in cooperation with project

Five Years

The pictorial space of the two artists is located within a condition of tautness.

Their actions are perceived on the level of simultaneous movement but content and the intension of movement is the exploration of the moment and remains non-reactive and non-directive. The artists are unaware of each other’s actions and disparities.

The produced sounds and rhythms of unrecognizable, foreign words may animate images and signs which can be related towards a possible correspondence of narrative aspects only in the eyes of the viewer. The artists Glausnitzer-Smith and Cho in action engage in the momentary experience of voice, object, movement and space. Their only connection is a prescribed area of tension and restrained physical flexibility, which in time expands and contracts towards uncertainty.

At the moment when an idea is being harvested from the conscious mind, the viewer experiences a situation, which did not exist before.

"In their performance art collaboration entitled: Elasticized Probation, Part II, Cho and Glausnitzer-Smith will explore an "intertransitexchangecommunication" experiment between sound, voice and object. Cho's words are from the sources of SIJO, the oldest Korean Haiku and their foreignness will meet with Glausnitzer-Smith's sounds of everyday objects. The artists are moving within the boundaries of their own individual entity, however are deceivingly connected until..." Glausnitzer-Smith, 2011

Photographs taken by Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn

Project Five Years

Francesca Cho

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