Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop Kingston University

March 2013 

Participants: Paloma Madox, John Carney, Nicolina Stylianou, Anniken Weber, Sadegh Ad, Ben Goddard, Eoin O'Sullivan Harris

In the observation of nature and its aggregational state, the environment and being in the world, movement of Self is not by means of universal assumptions or presupposed notional definitions of nature but rather is a single realisation of a humble self in the position of taking part, of being part of a momentary situation.

Performance documentation final work in the T.a.T. workshop 
by Anniken Weber

In Memory of Zsi Chimera

Zsuzsanna Gyetvai
aka Zsi Chimera  *1978 Hungary    -   2013 Luxor
Zsi and Joe with Olli their dog lived in Clapham Common,  London

We can not go there where you are now
as friends we have cared and protected you
and you have given us your lightness and smiles
we have exchanged themes of life
and understood each others aims to venture in the
artistic life with aspiration
we can not go there where you are now
but you can come to us and patiently we endure
the times when we miss your presence
until you come to us.
dagmar glausnitzer-smith april 2013

Images from T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop 2007 
kunstwirkstoff, Jerxheim Bahnhof
 photographed by A. Rues and D. Glausnitzer-Smith




an Edu-Action event

Werktag is a one-day in-situ Live  Action Art /Performance Workshop for students of the Fine Art BA Course at European Academies and Universities. The ‘marathon’ Werktag Performance Art Workshop takes place over a period of 12 hours, 7 am – 7 pm.  A second day may be organized if an exhibition and public invitation is included.
The workshop can be organized at least once a year in any European City. Students who have participated in previous workshops are being invited alongside with local regional students of an associated institution. The objective is to work and collaborate with interested tutors of Fine Art Courses at local Art Academies.  Preparations include the coordination of dates, sites, walks, locations, places, debates and public presentations.

The learning process assesses a cultural experience with ‘local’ people, urban settings and country-specific places. It creates links to artists working practices in the process of intervention and adaptation of ‘foreign’ encounters: language with ‘street impression experiences’. The connections between the social and environmental understanding links with the idea of subjectivity, which is tending to become a recourse of consideration of Self instead of being a division between information technologies and prejudices in the system of knowledge. The live body of the workshop participant and his/her consideration of presentation politics are being negotiated against the plane of immanence and becomes a highly absorbent presence in the understanding of the “now”. At the root of the art-making process here lies the production of subjectivity in a far less specific event than to manifest a method: an action with and alongside a foreign cultural background. Individual action and interaction gives rise to clarity of situation, understanding and image making which bears its generosity in the viewer’s impression and memory.

So far Werktag 1,Werktag 2, Werktag 3, Werktag 4 has been taking place in Berlin, Germany (March 2004, September 2004, May 2005, March 2008) where research, coordination, transportation and accommodation was in part self-funded and organized by Kingston University, London.

The aim is to develop a conceptual workshop structure for international student exchange supported and funded by local institutions with the emphasis on city-site-specific and the idea of ‘foreigness’, experienced during a marathon (7 am until 7 pm) Live Action Art and Performance Art Workshop.

Werktag 2004 Berlin site

 Werktag 2004 film notations

Thinking of Zsi and Joe
Gathering at Southbank London March 15, 2013 at 1:30 pm with Martina Ziewe, Emily Souter Johnson, Hannah Terry/Benini, Stevie McGarrity Alderdice, Alex Chase White,
Chris Baxter, Kimbal Bumstead, Alice James, (in mind with Peter Vere Simmons, Christina Georgiou, Maria Einert, Thorsten Adrian, Eva Beatrice Foerster, Damian Harmata, Chien-Ni Hung, Alexander Rues. Natalie Bikoro and Chris Arning attended the funeral in Hungary with Zsi's family)

and here is a song for you 
by Aretha Franklin, 1967

Eru and Seven of Eglise

Mpa-Berlin 2013
Thursday May 2 at Mindpirates  Berlin
7 pm
Eru and Seven of Eglise with Natalie Bikoro
- Brick Moon -

positive Magazine

photographs taken by Bert Olke

Mpa-Berlin 2013 Performance Art Marathon
May 12 at ACUD-Serendipity Gallery Berlin
5 pm
- Paper walk, Paper talk I -

in preparation

photographs taken by Bert Olke