Dienstag, 5. August 2014

Prologue, Journey, Epilogue - Visual Thoughts about the 2nd Cyprus International Performance Art Festival 2014

Prologue, Journey, Epilogue I, III by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith

in preparation

Fragment from Sketchbook 'Kletterer'
Fragment from Sketchbook 'Announcier'

in wrapping

the journey

thanks to KLM and Cyprus Airline
Nicosia Airport June 21

'Mowing' Action Nicosia Border before the Buffer Zone

Some of the ‘Mowing’ factors revealed:
- The Grass is green and green on the other side
- Mowing in the process to re-capture a lost sense of self.
Passing by surpassing.
- When the path is briefly interrupted by the occurrence of real grass and the action of Mowing seems purposeful, then the skin will fall off and become irrelevant.
- Wearing the grass suit represents the impossibility of separation between the action and one reality sense or the disconnection of the action of Mowing the lawn. The disparity of two authorities: Purpose and Matter
- The Action of Mowing is Grass-less and a transposition in view of known limitations.
- The Action of Mowing is the Fragmentation of a tradition, which connects the grass with the mower. The figure embraces the relationship.
-  Alte Felder abmähen. Asphalt bleibt.
- Der Rasen ist ein mittelbarer Aufenthaltsort, wie das Zuhause, welches plötzlich nicht mehr existiert.
- Sometimes the Action is the mission even when the journey appears meaningless. In the absence of reason, meaning diminishes during the Action of continuation.
-  The mission is straight ahead.
- The journey is the process of recovering a lost sense of self without the presence of self-consciousness. It is relating itself to a public domain.
- The Action of Mowing is like cleaning or cutting nature’s hair.

-   Epilogue I -  filmed for the camera     a review to the performance 'Announcier'

the voice:

“…if you want to visit the village of Kormakitis, there is no problem. If you just show your identity card you can pass the Turkish Border site and visit all the places there. I would suggest to you, to go to my village Kormakitis. Kormakitis is the only place the Cypriots did not leave after the war of 1974. I stayed there for a period of time, but because there was no job, we moved here to Nicosia. 
Today whenever we want, we can visit our village and stay in our houses.”

more information: Kormakitis

Korucam or Kornakitis is the largest village of Cyprus with 150 Maronites citizens remaining. Maronites are members of the Maronite Church whose ancestors migrated during the Middle Ages and their language has cypriot, arabic roots.

"The biggest shock for us was when the border reopened after 30 years," said Mavrides. "We hadn't just left behind us a house but a whole way of life."

Epilogue III - an installation and photographic moment of a Performance Action outside the Atelier, Braunschweig, Germany on Saturday July 19, 2014

photographs taken by Christian Niwa