Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

International Performance Art and Action Day - Cell63 Berlin

North North East,  South South West

and 360 °


Performers and visitors alike become part of the work, by occupying and experiencing the space and the actions held within the space of artplatform Cell63 on May 17.

International artists create a day of high-energy actions by producing their work in an hourly schedule throughout the day.

The power of momentary impulses and the power of intervention with space and time, and the encompassing mix of genre and disciplines create a diverse action day to become an unforeseeable overall ‘Gesamtbild’ of Performances where at the threshold of live action conventional categories merge.

The dynamics of actions and their reception at the moment of change allow for an indeterminism to be an original factor of live experiences both recognizable by the visitors and the artists themselves.


Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, UK-Thailand
Title: instrument testing (the ultimate form of death is only an alchemy)
Duration 40 minutes
Through live action and sound, the artist is interpreting a fragment of alphabetical music scores extracted from historical documents from 1964 mass killing in Indonesia. The performance explores a relation between past and present, and reconciliation between information and vibration.

Barbara Kowa, Germany
Title:  Blut und Atem
Duration 21 minutes

BLUT UND ATEM ist Teil des seit 10Jahren andauernden Performance Zyklus  -HOCH ZEIT-  der sich mit der Frage beschäftigt, womit wir tatsächlich existentiell  verbunden sind wenn man sagt, „bis das der Tod uns scheidet“. Die Performance ist in unterschiedliche Kapitel unterteilt, die endlos weitergeführt und erweitert werden.

Anniken Weber, UK-Norway
Title:   Manisenso
Duration   20-25 min

The black line is the attachment, the censoring and the manipulation of the mind at work.
This line will be the measurement of my own mental state of being in time and space. 

Anita Bruder, Germany

Title: ‚Hunting the Past II – The green dress –
Duration 25 minutes

My performances are based on un-told stories from my own autobiography. Selected objects are brought together with my body. This interaction leads to transforming pictures which have been created in a continuous personal process. My creative tools are voice, dance and theatre.

Eru and Seven of Eglise, Germany
Title: ‘Quer Feld Beet – Paper walks, Paper talks III –
Duration 25 minutes

The collaboration research between Eru (Alexander Rues) and Seven of Eglise (Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith) is the exploration of the idea of presence between two simultaneous actions: experimental, improvised sound work and Performance Art Action. The presentation of the work by Eru and Seven of Eglise is always live and invites for a different image-sound perception. The two artists are not aware of each other’s actions and purposely carry no prior knowledge of the individual concepts. Only in the eyes of an audience or viewer two separate entities may collide, coincide or contradict each other’s spontaneous presence. The synthesis is always an image and the perception of times appears illusionary and the impression becomes transparent.

Nina Krüger-Schmale, Germany

Title: "Omage"- homage to the grandmas
Duration 10 minutes

Living sculptures
Her artwork presents us the sociological meaning of "covers" with references to the consumer society, artificial Life, the fetishism of merchandise, pollution and war.
Nina Krüger-Schmale exercises a kitsch aesthetic and a peculiar decorativism to provoke a critical and satirical effect, shot through with joyful humor. Tonight in the performance entitled "living sculptures", she is reflecting about growing old, the main theme of her new project "Omage" - homage to the grandmas.

       Photographs taken by:  Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Anniken Weber, Luisa Catucci, Alexander Rues

Thanks to Luisa Catucci and the wonderful 'girls' working at Cell63 artplatform.

Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop

Kingston University March 2014

List of Participants: Anniken Weber, Penelope Gordon, Julian Holmes, Sophie Bramley, Sadegh Aleahmad, Danni Berry, Grant Bingham, George Williams, in part Yale Ben Goddard

photographs taken by Anniken Weber and Marielle Utter

the T.a.T. Performance Art Workshop

the T.a.T.Performance Art Workshop Final Presentation Day

Penelope Gordon

Anniken Weber

Sadegh Aleahmad

Danni Berry

Sophie Bramley

Grant Bingham

Julian Holmes

George Williams

Let's see what we can see!