Montag, 29. Februar 2016

2015 Razzmatazz :::Vol 1::: This will be your next lift

Stanley Picker Gallery, The Foyer 
October 24,         2015

photography Anniken Weber and Elena Grazia

1. JeonEUN Park (KOR - UK)

title : I am standing

duration : approx. 10 minutes

Statement of intention of work

I am exploring relations between language and performed bodily movement.
I am exploring what is performing and performance.

As an improvisation, I will talk about my experience of being on stage performing, while I am performing on stage.
Using language to describe, suggest, predict, anticipate, negate the bodily movements, I will explore the mercurial relationship between body and thought.

2.Panic Attack Duo (TKY/GR - UK)
Naz Balkaya and Emily Demitriou.
title: Live from the gutter dog
duration: Unknown (within half an hour limit)

statement: Two separate beings. 
                  Blurring Distance.


3. Grant Bingham and Liz Ord (UK)

title: Dependency 

duration: 15-20 minutes

A study of body based research on the dependency we form between people as well as objects and substance, the desire to go back to nature, strip away and understand things in a primal sense of there physicality not there stigma or the option of escapism that lives with them.

I depend on you, your stare, your grazing grating stare, stare at me, pay me attention. If you stop looking at me I might stop existing. If I stop existing I cant exceed, indulge, consume until I’m sick (repeat)

Here is the strategy: Forget everything, lay down, shut your eyes and take things at they come.

4. Anniken Weber (NOR-UK)

title: unknown

duration: 30 minutes

How expansive is the symbol as an image?
Knowing that symbols are created from identification, and read differently,
I seek to stretch the two-dimensional object into three-dimensional action and translate the symbol through sound and movement.
What can a symbol be when put through selected motion?
The action is drawing, as music, as writing, while reading the writing; an inquiry for unfoldment of and relation to the object.

5. Lizzie Masterton (UK)

title: Contamination
duration: Approximately 30 minutes

               starting inside, moving outside

Statement of Intent:
My performance will focus around a few objects: a white chair, and red wool. With my body I will attempt to navigate and inhabit these objects, and the connotations of their colour, aware that they have been 'contaminated' and imbued with different meanings. As an object the chair is a loaded symbol- a tool of intended interaction and empathy- and sitting is a passive occupation linked to comfort. Bad memories become attached to certain items of furniture. I will attempt to accept and work with these existing implied meanings and memories, starting off as an 'empty' vessel myself. As my performance develops I aim to discover and establish a ritual, to cleanse the contamination and undermine previous associations.

6. Imo Jeffes (UK) 

statement – I’m exploring the theme of struggles relating to identity and femininity. By constricting my body in bandages and tights (domestic products) I experience a process of change, that affects my physicality. This tension of how I feel and being perceived and how I see my self is something I want to explore in my work.

7. Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn (THAI-UK)

Space in Body in Space
     a session in search of deep space
duration:  30 minutes

8. Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith (GER)
title: time, time like an ever rolling stream
duration: approx. 25 minutes
statement: the action is a 'transmaterial' connection between physical and abstract presence in time and space.
The body can be understood as the anatomical substance and the material object's yearning, which initiates an action. 

Hear the body and the mind will follow.

A shoe can be a chair.
Something can always also be something else.

9. Sadegh Aleahmad  (IRAN-UK)

Kingston University Performance Art Workshop October 2015

October Participants:
Pietro Moretti, Luke Guy, Anna Smallman, Georgia Paloma, Daisy Nutting, Imo Jeffes, Christina Slattery, Emily Dickinson, Xiaohong Peng, Aurora Bollettinari



Samstag, 2. Mai 2015


mowing between St Pauls and St James, London
filmed by David Notarius (Super8 material)
mowing the border in Nicosia, Cyprus
filmed by Anna Papachristodoulou

Some of the ‘Mowing’ factors revealed:
- The Grass is green and green on the other side
- Mowing in the process to re-capture a lost sense of self.
Passing by surpassing.
- When the path is briefly interrupted by the occurrence of real grass and the action of Mowing seems purposeful, then the skin will fall off and become irrelevant.
- Wearing the grass suit represents the impossibility of separation between the action and one reality sense or the disconnection of the action of Mowing the lawn. The disparity of two authorities: Purpose and Matter
- The Action of Mowing is Grass-less and a transposition in view of known limitations.
- The Action of Mowing is the Fragmentation of a tradition, which connects the grass with the mower. The figure embraces the relationship.
-  Alte Felder abmähen. Asphalt bleibt.
- Der Rasen ist ein mittelbarer Aufenthaltsort, wie das Zuhause, welches plötzlich nicht mehr existiert.
- Sometimes the Action is the mission even when the journey appears meaningless. In the absence of reason, meaning diminishes during the Action of continuation.
-  The mission is straight ahead.
- The journey is the process of recovering a lost sense of self without the presence of self-consciousness. It is relating itself to a public domain.
- The Action of Mowing is like cleaning or cutting nature’s hair.

Montag, 20. April 2015

LAPSody 2015
5th International Conference & Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies 
at the University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy, Finland

May 27th – 30th, 2015

excerpts from planning of contribution for this year's conference and Festival for Live Art and Performance Studies in Helsinki.

Contemplating emerging …

1. the workshop Friday May 29th 7 am to 7 pm

1-day Performance Art Workshop
Werktag 6sunken City -
Werktag is a one-day in-situ Live Action /Performance Art Workshop.
It takes place over a period of 12 hours, 7 am – 7 pm in the walk through the city of Helsinki.
Initially any workshop situation will be one of experimentation and enhance a safe ‘laboratory’ experience.

presentation of participant's work and experiences, Saturday May 30th at Theatre Academy

2. the talk 
Exhibition as Event
Expectations and ‘Gesamtbild’
Emergence and Appearance
  The event itself in its realisation becomes the form of communication and functions as an entire image-concept (Gesamtbild) consisting of numerous, individual parts. The form changes in the context of exhibition and appearances. A medley of emerging elements.

3. the interview

Collaborative skype performance for the camera, Tashi Iwaoka and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
1. Objective: a 3 layered, non-directive, non-reactive filmic situation between Tashi Iwaoka and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith via recorded Skype
the moving-communication exchange factor (word invention! ), an experiment

concept: thinking takes place during the action. The action is not a representation based on prior thought processes.
This idea is viable for further conceptual interpretation.

 Preliminary Thoughts (Glausnitzer-Smith)
Prior intentions for the skype action (take one):
“I show you mine, you show me yours but we don’t see it, yet. You show me yours, it won’t be missed.”

the film

2. the Skype dialog between Tashi Iwaoka and Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
 Preliminary Thoughts (Glausnitzer-Smith)
2.1. I am posing a question to you, which is the question equal to the question I would be asking myself. Then I am posing your questions to become my own questions.
“The locations of your work are your material?”
2.2. Ask me and I am asking you. Which does not mean my answer is your question but I am making your question to become my own question.
(this did not happen in the situation of the dialog)

“Everywhere in the world there could be a moment where the perception and the awareness conjures a kind of tenderness for this moment in time. The moment of being-in-the-world becomes the actual material. It happens with a short indication.”
outcome: written transcript (order via email:

there are no coincidences only many truths

recorded skype-still 7.April 2015 23:10
recorded skype-still 7.April 2015 23:09